I’ve decided to retire this blog; I haven’t really been posting here as I intended to for years. I’m going to leave up the actual posts; the booklog posts with no information about the books might be deleted, and the Ju-ken posts have been moved to a dedicated blog (jukeninfo.wordpress.com).

I’ve closed comments on everything except this post and the Yellow Submarine post due to spam.

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January 2013 log

I did a little better reading this month than last month, though I did read part of Cold Days last month:

Kady Cross – The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (library)
Jim Butcher – Cold Days (library)
Max Gladstone – Three Parts Dead (library)

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Ju-ken PV appearances

This post has moved to my new Ju-ken blog.

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December 2012 log

I feel like I must have read more than this, but have no idea what else I might have read.

Lois McMaster Bujold – Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance (library)
Kady Cross – The Girl in the Steel Corset (library)

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Ju-ken, 2013

This post has moved to my new Ju-ken blog.

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November 2012 log

Read in November:

A. Lee Martinez – Emperor Mollusk Versus The Sinister Brain (library)
Mark Del Franco – Unperfect Souls
Gail Carriger – Timeless (library)
John Scalzi – Redshirts (library) — read the main story but not the codas
Catherynne M. Valente The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There (library)
Patricia C. Wrede & Carolyn Stevermer – Sorcery and Cecelia (reread)
Lilith Saintcrow – The Iron Wyrm Affair (library)
Tanya Huff – The Wild Ways (library)
Mark Hodder – The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack (library)
Caroline Stevermer – Magic Below Stairs (library)

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October 2012 log

Read in October:

Gail Carriger – Changeless (library, reread) — rereading before reading the last two
G. Willow Wilson – Alif the Unseen (library) — I liked this, but I had to check it out three times to get through it (that library lends new books for a week)
Tanya Huff – Smoke and Ashes (own, reread)
Gail Carriger – Blameless (library, reread)
Kevin J. Anderson – Clockwork Angels (library) — I’m a big Rush fan and had to read this (and did enjoy it)
Mercedes Lackey – Redoubt (library) — meh
Robert Horace Ross – Ancient Persian Designs in Needlepoint (library)
Marian Babson – Murder at the Cat Show (library)
Donna Kooler – Donna Kooler’s Cross Stitch Designs (library)
Patricia C. Wrede – The Far West (library) — I liked the first one the best and this one the least
Gail Carriger – Heartless (library) — I love this series

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