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The Avengers ’65, vol. 3

Even more adventures of secret agent John Steed and his sidekick Mrs. Peel (vol. 1, vol. 2); there’s not much to say about it that I hadn’t said before (witty banter and occasional innuendo, Diana Rigg in a catsuit (usually … Continue reading

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Barbara Hambly: Stranger at the Wedding

I was looking for something light to read or reread, and chose this; the last book I read was her Bride of the Rat God, which I adore. This is set in the same world as the Windrose books (The … Continue reading

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Gackt -The Greatest Filmography-Red/Blue (US releases)

This is one of two DVDs of Gackt’s videos; Red is the rock-type songs and Blue is the slower songs. I rented Red from Netflix because I was curious about the US release and wasn’t planning on buying it at … Continue reading

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various manga

I’m not reading as much manga as I used to for various reasons, but am keeping up with a few series. I’ve let them pile up too much to want to post individually for each; I may do fuller writeups … Continue reading

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Mushi-shi, DVD 1

aka 蟲師; based on a manga series released in the US by Del Rey, though I haven’t read it. I rented this because it had a lot of hype and sounded interesting. It follows the travels of Ginko, who is … Continue reading

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various books: mysteries

Things I read that I never got around to writing up: After renting the Miss Marple adaptations and rereading the relevant books, I also read (reread, mostly) a ton of Agatha Christie novels, but didn’t keep track of which ones. … Continue reading

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