Gackt -The Greatest Filmography-Red/Blue (US releases)

This is one of two DVDs of Gackt’s videos; Red is the rock-type songs and Blue is the slower songs. I rented Red from Netflix because I was curious about the US release and wasn’t planning on buying it at this time; I don’t like a lot of Gackt’s slower songs, so I didn’t bother renting Blue. I ended up buying them both after all, though. These are the official US versions of these DVDs; they have English subtitles (by Gackt and/or his staff, apparently; the European CD releases seem to have the same English lyrics). They are missing the Japanese subtitled versions of the videos, which were separate versions with the subtitles incorporated in the videos, not a standard subtitle track. Each video is preceded by a brief clip with the credits (director, cast, location, release date). The songs themselves are the Sixth Day versions instead of the original version, when applicable; this was true of the Japanese version as well. The three unplugged songs on Blue are the Seventh Night versions and were originally included on the Platinum Box V (2004). They are all “live” performances with Dears members as audience.

The DVDs have the same covers as the Japanese versions (front at least), and have an insert listing the songs and the PV credits with a picture from each video (and also an ad for Viz’s other live-action movies and a subscription card for Shojo Beat magazine). The Japanese editions had full booklets with lyrics and more screencaps; the credits are taken directly from the Japanese versions, with the English song titles replacing the Japanese. The covers are eyes; Red is the right eye and the packaging is right-to-left and Blue is the left eye with left-to-right packaging; this is apparently the same as in the Japanese version.

The English subtitles were a little distracting; I have a little knowledge of Japanese, and have read multiple translations for some of these songs and had a few moments of ‘that’s not what he’s saying’ or ‘there should be more translation there’ though the first could be explained in part by the translations being more verse-by-verse than line-by-line (and both by my ignorance). In a few places, the English subtitles were not the same as the English lyrics, which was disconcerting. I would have liked to have the original Japanese subtitled versions and a romaji subtitle track, but I am happy they had an official US release.

The Videos:


  1. Another World (2001.09.05) — a mob video, small gang crosses the wrong people, violence and death. You is one of his gang (Gackt, You, another man and a woman credited as Tetsuro and Sabrina).
  2. Oasis (2002.02.16) — Gackt in burlap robes wandering in a post-apocalyptic landscape (singing in a decaying building, being led across a dead plain by a kid, a random girl); the ending theme for The New Fist of the North Star OVAs (bits of the video were shown in the ending, Lu:na was the opening); he did a voice for it, and said in one of the interviews that FotNS was an inspiration for the song and video (Oasis predates the OVAs by a few years)
  3. Secret Garden (2000.11.16) — random people in a bus station and on a bus; this is one of my favorite videos of his. The visuals and the music are well matched; everything’s kind of faded (not quite sepia-toned) and the movement and cuts match the music.
  4. Redemption (2006.01.25) — theme song for Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. There is a band performance part with everyone in DoC costumes and the infamous cornrows + ringlets on Gackt. I never did figure out exactly what was going on in the non-performance parts, though; there are lots of birds and feathers and Gackt with birds and lying in feathers.
  5. Mizérable (1999.06.30) — Gackt’s first single; I saw a claim somewhere that the video represents his journey from member of Malice Mizer to a solo artist; part of the video does feature him being carried off in a sedan chair while wearing a very Malice Mizer-esque costume. The other parts have him singing in various types of scenery and someone (presumably You) in a devil costume playing violin. On a completely shallow note, the color of his hair (auburn? a medium reddish-brown) looks good on him. This has the most obvious use of the Sixth Day version (it had a new guitar part added).
  6. Black Stone (2005.04.27) — the whole band performing in the back of an 18-wheeler, but aren’t there when the driver looks; interesting hair. The song itself was written in memory of a couple of people who died; it’s an upbeat song, though (“I know we are going to meet again”)
  7. Seki-Ray (鶺鴒~seki-ray~) (2000.03.08) — Gackt wandering in the wilderness; I like the song well enough, but neither the song nor the video stick in my mind at all. I thought this was an earlier song; he reminds me of Mizérable Gackt in this.
  8. Vanilla (1999.08.11) — spiky blond Gackt; some of the bizarre Engrish is replaced with even more bizarre Engrish (I thought that word was betray, why is it batteries?). The video has nothing really to do with the song, but the lyrics fit the theme of the Japanese lyrics, at least (sex, the act of).
  9. Dreams You Pursued (君が追いかけた夢/Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume) (2003.03.19) — features Vivian Hsu. one of my favorite songs; the video is very circular: it begins and ends with Gackt at a café failing to get anyone’s attention; everyone is looking at something offscreen. It is one of the ones that makes me wonder how many times he or the love interest have died in videos
  10. Mirror (2000.02.09) — another early video, one of the only ones with a band (Gackt on guitar, You on violin with greenish grey hair, Masa on guitar, Ren on bass (Masa and Ren’s only video appearance; I think he’s only done three videos with full band, though, and two were recent with Gackt, You, Chacha, Ju-ken, Ryu), lots of red/orange/brown leather). This is one of my favorite songs overall (not just this dvd or all Gackt). It’s a generic video, performance in a run-down building, but it has You on violin (You should be shown playing violin more often). I like the video more than I should due to my love for the song itself. The translation had extra added cussing; it is, despite the upbeat sound, an angry song.
  11. Never Forget You (忘れないから/Wasurenai kara) (2002.04.24) — Gackt riding on or posing beside a motorcycle, underwater, or leaning against a wall singing and occasionally, random flowers. I’m not particularly excited by the song (except the acoustic guitar solo) or the video; Gackt with a motorcycle is not exciting if you’re not interested in motorcycles and find this incarnation of Gackt visually bland.
  12. Metamorphoze (2005.05.25) — a Gundam song (from the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation movies made from one of the older series); features Gackt as a Gundam pilot whose Gundam is destroyed plus some movie footage. I’m neutral towards the video (it’s kind of cheesy, and I’m not a big Gundam fan), but the song is one of my favorites.


  1. My Story (再会~Story~) (2000.08.30) — listed in the DVD menus as “Cine Reunion~My Story~”, but is just listed as “My Story” on the back and on Viz’s site. I don’t like the song much (it’s pretty, but not my thing); the video is home-movie/old film style, scenes of a past relationship. It does fit the song (at least according to the English subtitles). I must not have ever really watched this one before; I was surprised by the sudden switch to Gackt in black leather at sunset on a beach and many couples kissing.
  2. Everything For You (君のためにできること/Kimi no tameni dekiru koto) (2001.03.14) — I like the song, but the video’s kind of boring: Gackt on couch, Gackt standing and singing, girl by the window.
  3. Luna Hymn (月の詩/Tsuki no Uta) (2003.06.11) — The song was used in the anime Texhnolyze, though I don’t think the video is directly related. It is animated (3d) and features a guy breaking himself to bits trying to break loose from his bonds (chained to the wall, I think). I found it disturbing the first time I saw it and will not watch it again.
  4. Because You Are Expecting Me -UNPLUGGED- (君が待っているから/Kimi ga matteiru kara) — originally on Crescent (2003), never a single on its own, though a version was on the “Metamorphoze” single. a serious performance, with You, Gackt, and Chachamaru on acoustic guitars, Ju-ken on wood bass (stand-up type), and Ryu on percussion. Chachamaru and Ju-ken are the only ones who look like they might be playing; You’s trying, Ryu looks bored (he has something to shake), Gackt’s not really trying. There are a lot of closeups of Chachamaru’s hands, which may be why he’s actually playing.
  5. I Know My Love Can Never Reach You (届カナイ愛ト知ッテイタノニ抑エキレズニ愛シ続ケタ…/Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osae Kirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa…) (2005.08.10) — Both the song and the video are very melodramatic; the video starts off with a pair of skeleton hands (two people holding hands), has them burning in reverse, goes to a female vampire and a man fencing, and then tells the story of how they got there (they were a couple in the beginning); Gackt is the narrator.
  6. December Love Song (12月のLove song/12gatsu no Love Song) (2001.12.16) — originally slated for release for Christmas 2001; they ended up going to NYC and filming people on the street there, letting them send a message of what they wanted for the future. There is a vague plot of You on a pilgrimage in memory of someone who died (presumably Gackt); there is very little Gackt in this video, it’s mostly people on the streets and signs and scenery, and a little of You writing a letter and wandering.
  7. Last Song-UNPLUGGED- — Gackt+piano; don’t like the song much, don’t like singer+piano type performances; to me, it’s boring
  8. Longing For You (君に逢いたくて/Kimi ni Aitakute) (2004.10.27) — don’t like the song; another one of the old film/reminiscence type videos, song about a past relationship.
  9. With All My Love (ありったけの愛で/Arittake no ai de) (2005.01.26) — this was the only song on Love Letter that I liked, and I adore the video: a wedding, people speaking in song lyrics, violent ex-boyfriend with a sword, flipping pages back to prevent the violence, using the sword to cut the cake, Gackt sitting in someone’s ear. They did not subtitle the spoken bits in the break in the middle, unfortunately.
  10. Last Song (2003.11.12) — I like the video better than the song; I think it’s an excellent fit of video to song. It’s all sepia-toned and occasionally old film style here, it’s mostly reminiscing about a failed relationship (a breakup song)
  11. Mirror-UNPLUGGED- — Everybody looks like they’re having fun; there are dancers along with the band. Gackt is standing up and singing; You and Chachamaru are on opposite sides of the stage seated with acoustic guitars; Ju-ken still has the wood bass and is usually behind You for the faraway shots, but is behind whichever guitarist has a closeup; and Ryu is stuck in the back with the dancers and a pair of drumsticks to bang together. Nobody’s trying very hard to look like they are playing; at one point Ju-ken wanders around with his bass over his head, and another time one of the dancers is playing it (and Chachamaru dies laughing when he notices).
  12. Love Letter (2006.03.01) — This starts off with live clips from the Diabolos tour, though not all are from performances of “Love Letter”; I don’t know why they used clips from obviously upbeat songs for such a slow song’s video. There are also some non-performance clips, presumably from the Diabolos concerts outside of Japan (press conferences and fans; the description said various Asian countries). There are also a few clips from previous tours at the end, including brief shots of ex-members.
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