google.jp is my new best friend! It had crossed my mind to try the Japanese search engines at some point to look for Japanese information, but I hadn’t until now. Throwing 峰 正典 into google.com gave tons hits for Stephanie (he’s credited with arrangement for her Gundam theme) and not much else (lots of sites in Chinese, some other anime-related arrangement credits, a handful of Olive Sunday references, and a fansite that apparently I failed to set proper character encoding on before, but is working now); throwing 峰 正典 into google.co.jp gave a profile on the first page (from his guitar’s manufacturer and relatively recent; he’s wearing a Hellmetz T-shirt).

I was vaguely curious, because I couldn’t really find anything about him, but became very curious after he said he was 32 in a posting on the Quintillion Quiz blog; there is a Masanori Mine credited on Girl U Need’s 1996.02 album (the credit is Rhythm guitar on “Without You”: Masanori “Santa” Mine). Girl U Need = half of Earthshaker + Chachamaru, who all would have been in their mid-30s at the time; a very young guitarist seemed unlikely, so I started to wonder if there was more than one guitarist with that name. The profile confirmed him as being born in 1976 (and his birthday’s not until August, so he’s not 32 yet) and that Girl U Need was his first professional credit (won an audition). It looks like his career has been steady but low-profile and behind the scenes; he’s been in bands and supported people, but also produces and arranges and does commercial and TV music. He also teaches at the same school as Koichi Terasawa and Toshiyuki Sugino; I was very confused when I found a picture from an event involving all three.

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