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ends – Live 2005 Total Tone

ends is the solo project of Ryoichi Endo of Soft Ballet, started in 1997, and continuing until the present; it sounds nothing like Soft Ballet, though. He has a magnificent voice, but is unfortunately extremely overlooked and underrated. Musically, it … Continue reading

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April 2008 log

Reading summary: started 15, finished 14. 11 2/3 reread. 7 mystery, 6 young-adult fantasy, 1 a bit of everything, 1 unsure (nominated for both mystery and sf). I planned to write an entry on the Donna Andrews books but think … Continue reading

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xxxHOLiC DVD 1

This is the first disc of the first anime series based on the manga by CLAMP; there is a second series that started this month. Kimihiro Watanuki is a high-school boy who can see spirits; the spirits he sees are … Continue reading

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Nana (movie)

NANA is the first of two movies based on the manga by Ai Yazawa, released in the US by Viz; the second movie ought to follow eventually. It is about the lives of two twenty-ish girls named Nana who move … Continue reading

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Mushi-shi, DVD 2

This series follows the travels of Ginko, who is a Mushi-shi (Mushi master). Mushi are some sort of primal being, neither plant nor animal, neither alive nor dead; they can inhabit people or objects, and can occasionally appear human. Ginko … Continue reading

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March 2008 log

reading summary: 12 total, 5 reread, 3 unfinished (one due to the end of the month); 4 mystery, 3 romance, 2 manga (both fantasy-ish), 1 fantasy (unfinished, will try again), 1 science fiction (unfinished, probably won’t try again), 1 a … Continue reading

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Toshi – “Grace” Live

To be honest, I bought this because it was extremely cheap and because it had Chachamaru on guitar. I’m not particularly a fan of Toshi; his voice annoys me (never got into X Japan because of it, though I like … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie’s Marple: Series 1: 4:50 from Paddington

This is the last volume of the first series of the recent BBC adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple books. The alternate title for the book is What Mrs. McGillicudy Saw! The book is one of my favorites, but it’s … Continue reading

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