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ends – Live 2005 Total Tone

ends is the solo project of Ryoichi Endo of Soft Ballet, started in 1997, and continuing until the present; it sounds nothing like Soft Ballet, though. He has a magnificent voice, but is unfortunately extremely overlooked and underrated. Musically, it … Continue reading

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April 2008 log

Reading summary: started 15, finished 14. 11 2/3 reread. 7 mystery, 6 young-adult fantasy, 1 a bit of everything, 1 unsure (nominated for both mystery and sf). I planned to write an entry on the Donna Andrews books but think … Continue reading

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xxxHOLiC DVD 1

This is the first disc of the first anime series based on the manga by CLAMP; there is a second series that started this month. Kimihiro Watanuki is a high-school boy who can see spirits; the spirits he sees are … Continue reading

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Nana (movie)

NANA is the first of two movies based on the manga by Ai Yazawa, released in the US by Viz; the second movie ought to follow eventually. It is about the lives of two twenty-ish girls named Nana who move … Continue reading

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Mushi-shi, DVD 2

This series follows the travels of Ginko, who is a Mushi-shi (Mushi master). Mushi are some sort of primal being, neither plant nor animal, neither alive nor dead; they can inhabit people or objects, and can occasionally appear human. Ginko … Continue reading

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March 2008 log

reading summary: 12 total, 5 reread, 3 unfinished (one due to the end of the month); 4 mystery, 3 romance, 2 manga (both fantasy-ish), 1 fantasy (unfinished, will try again), 1 science fiction (unfinished, probably won’t try again), 1 a … Continue reading

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Toshi – “Grace” Live

To be honest, I bought this because it was extremely cheap and because it had Chachamaru on guitar. I’m not particularly a fan of Toshi; his voice annoys me (never got into X Japan because of it, though I like … Continue reading

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