May 2008 log

I failed to read much of anything this month, but watched a little more than usual due to unreliable internet in my area. I also failed to properly keep up with this, so it might not be complete.


A College of Magics, Caroline Stevermer (own) — reread
Dragon Sword and Wind Child, Noriko Ogiwara (library) — stopped around page 50; did not like the style and didn’t care enough about the plot to continue
A Companion to Wolves, Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear (library) — enjoyed, have a draft post that I’ll hopefully finish
Brave Story, Miyuki Miyabe (library) — too slow, got tired of waiting for the plot to show up; also read the blurb more carefully and decided I didn’t really want to read it after all
Third Girl, Agatha Christie (own) — Poirot and Mrs. Oliver; I know I’d read it before, but didn’t really remember it (I remembered what the deal with the girl was, but didn’t really remember who else was involved)
The A.B.C. Murders. Agatha Christie (library, though I think I might own it) — Poirot and Hastings (who for once, was not too stupid to live). reread, but only remembered vague details


All Time Super Best Tour, Tomoyasu Hotei (own) — rewatched so I could finally write it up (had a draft, but didn’t remember it well enough to finish it)
Bloodhound, DVD 1 (netflix)
xxxHOLiC, DVD 2 (own) — technically a rewatch; watched it as it was released
Samurai Fiction (own) — rewatch, on while doing other things; I find myself wondering if Hotei’s height was a contributing factor to his casting (I think the next tallest people are about shoulder-height to him).
Bloodhound, DVD 2 (netflix)
Torchwood, DVD 4 (eps 8-9) (netflix) — back to hating Gwen (whiny and stupid); I would rather have seen someone like Detective Swanson, who would have kicked their asses into shape, than Gwen’s whining about everything (and why would Jack have necessarily known about Suzie’s father? he’s her boss, and unless they were friends outside of work, that’s not something he would have necessarily needed to know unless it was affecting her work. Admittedly, they are a small group working closely together, which could foster the sort of intimacy that would have them knowing about each other’s personal lives, but not necessarily, and obviously not in this case and, despite what Gwen thinks, that’s not necessarily a bad thing). The other episode was one of the narrated-by-an-outside-party sort, which I mostly find annoying.
Hotei and the Wanderers Funky Punky Tour 2007-2008, Tomoyasu Hotei (own)
Dragon Tiger Gate (netflix) — pretty, but really obviously based on a comic
The Taste of Tea (netflix) — watched part of it, but wasn’t interested


xxxHOLiC, DVD 2 (new)

Bloodhound, DVD 2 (netflix)
Bloodhound, DVD 3 (netflix), though it was defective; and I think the replacement got lost in the mail
Wonder Woman, Season 1, disc 3 (netflix) — revisiting my childhood
Torchwood, DVD 5 (netflix)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle v17, CLAMP (new)

Furies of Calderon, Jim Butcher (used) — Book One of the Codex Alera; because I was curious and the library doesn’t have it
A Guide to Remebering Japanese Characters, Kenneth G. Henshall (used) — because it was there; an older edition, though

from the library’s sale (hopefully no duplicates):
The Paradiso and The Inferno, Dante Alighieri, translated by John Ciardi
The Dragon Masters, Jack Vance
The Zero Stone and Uncharted Stars, Andre Norton
Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K. Jerome — and I don’t remember why I wanted a copy (something referenced it or used it as a starting point), and this copy smells like my grandmother’s house; looking at the title page gives me the reason I wanted it: the full title is Three Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog, and I have the relevant book by Connie Willis
The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi, translated by Thomas Cleary — and it is a duplicate (probably the same translation), but this is a nicer edition, except for the highlighting (argh!! it was only $1, but I wish I’d looked inside; the outside looks like it’s never been opened) (the other one is a pocket edition, this is trade-paperback size)
The Changing Land, Roger Zelazny — and I thought I’d read most of his at some point, but this didn’t seem familiar

Hotei and the Wanderers Funky Punky Tour 2007-2008, Tomoyasu Hotei (new) — an extremely belated birthday present (yesasia gift certificate, a week for them to get it and 16 days to get here; I think the smaller the package, the more efficient the free shipping is; a CD alone only took a week)
2046, soundtrack, special edition (new) — was on clearance; LP-sized packaging with a shirtless Tony Leung and someone’s legs on the cover, CD + DVD with music videos and an interview, and three posters; probably the reason for the lengthy shipping.
Gekkou, Gackt (new) — also on clearance; unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize it was the VHS version (do not want)

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