June 2008 log

I am failing again to even spend the five seconds it would take to add to the list here and failing to read much as well. I think I’m going to go back to trying to write a little something about everything and stop trying to do proper reviews, though; I end up with half-written drafts that are long enough to not want to delete but impossible to finish because I don’t have the source any more. I don’t know why DVDs are easier to write about than books, either (though DVDs adapted from books have a ready-made topic of discussion).


Genju no Seiza v6, Matsuri Akino — I am enjoying this; I think this has a decent balance between overall plot and random side stories; the side stories are varied and show Fuuto’s continuing character development. I hope this isn’t a victim of Tokyopop’s restructuring. This volume was easier to find than the last few; the last couple I only saw in one store.
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle v17, CLAMP (own) — angst and Yuuko and wishes made against other people’s desires (on a larger scale than the bits with Watanuki and Doumeki in xxxHOLiC) and Sakura finally got to do something. I have no idea what was going on in the fight scenes, though.
Guards! Guards!, Men at Arms, part of Jingo, Terry Pratchett (own, reread) — felt the need to reread some Pratchett.
xxxHOLiC v12, CLAMP (own) — plot, almost; lots of angst and spoilers for the next two volumes of Tsubasa, unfortunately
The Steerswoman, Rosemary Kirstein (own) — had it for a while, but ran into enough references to it recently to actually read it (technically finished in July, but it was just a couple of chapters)

Little Brother, Cory Doctorow (library) — I forgot I had it until the last minute, and it’s non-renewable. will try again later

I had other library books and think I read them, but can’t remember what they were.


Torchwood DVD 5 (netflix) — “Out of Time” and “Combat”; meh to both. I don’t like the sort of thing that “Out of Time” was (people fell from the 50s into the present and had to deal with a new culture and the knowledge that they were reported dead then and most everyone they knew was dead). and found it depressing (though realistic). “Combat” seemed designed to show the worst of Gwen, Owen, and Jack, and I’m back to really not liking Gwen (I don’t mind her as one of the group, but don’t really like her as a main character; I’d rather see more of Tosh or someone like Diane from “Out of Time”, though she had bad taste in men).
Torchwood DVD 6 (netflix) — “Captain Jack Harkness” and “End of Days”
Wonder Woman Season 1, disc 3 (netflix) — this makes Torchwood look coherent and well-plotted and consistent and any number of other adjectives one generally wouldn’t apply to it.
Seoul Raiders (own) — Tony Leung Chiu Wai as a James Bond-ish sort of character; a loose sequel to Tokyo Raiders (and looking up his full name tells me that there is actually a redone version of Ashes of Time, which makes me very, very happy; I was thinking about rewatching it to see if it made any more sense, though I’ve seen both the US and HK versions (and own the HK version) and I don’t know if a third time would really help; the reviews say the new version is slightly shorter and much more coherent)
several concert DVDs as background, mostly


Torchwood, DVD 6 (netflix)
Doctor Who, series 3 discs 1-4 (netflix)
Bloodhound, disc 3 (netflix) — I think this was the same unplayable disc I got the first time; it made my computer’s DVD drive make appalling noises, and mostly just wasn’t recognized by my player (the one time it played, it was jerky enough to be unwatchable); another one was sent to me in between but got lost in the mail, so I gave up for now.

xxxHOLiC, DVD 3 (new) — Best Buy had it a week early!

xxxHOLiC v12, CLAMP (new)
Shadow’s Return, Lynn Flewelling (new) — I knew she was writing it; I didn’t realize it was this close to release.

Academ’s Fury, Jim Butcher (used) — Book two of the Codex Alera, bought because it was there; I saw book three somewhere else, but resisted buying it until I’ve read at least the first
Chart Throb, Ben Elton (used) — this is the UK edition, but it apparently had a US release in April

Hellmetz 2, Hellmetz (new) — they said why they don’t put lyrics in the booklet, but I remain curious about songwriting credits.

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