August 2008 log

This is a better attempt than last month’s log; I think it covers everything, though I did get distracted late in the month. I still fail at cleaning out drafts; I’m up to nineteen (not counting this), and the next thing I post won’t be one of those (xxxHOLiC DVD 4, partially because the xxxHOLiC posts are the ones that get the most hits, probably due to the cover art). August was my second-best month, hitwise, and the last week was the second best week (three behind the best, and three ahead of the third-best). I want to poke at the stats and see how many of those were images and how many were actual page views; I wish wordpress counted them separately.

Summary: read 7 (2 fantasy, 3 science fiction (2 borderline romance), 1 alternate history, 1 manga (fantasy)); 2 started but chose not to finish (one regency romance, one fantasy/romance); 3 reread (+ 1 started but unfinished). I need to start paying more attention to librarything, too; every time I go to add books, I notice there are all sorts of nifty new features, but never actually try to take advantage of them. I was also failing to add things there while I was failing here, so at some point, I’m going to have to take all of the loose books lying around and double-check them there.


Traitor’s Moon, Lynn Flewelling (own) — reread, started in July, finished in August
The Fortunate Fall, Rafael Carter (library) — returned unread (and in fact unopened), I had checked it out before and read enough then to want to try again someday
Two of a Kind: an English Trifle, Rosemary Edghill (library) — didn’t finish, didn’t like that everyone was laughing at Juliette behind her back
The Sharing Knife: Passage, Lois McMaster Bujold (library) — didn’t finish, didn’t care about any of the characters, might try again when in a better mood.
The Snow Queen, Mercedes Lackey (library) — one of the Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, and the one of those I liked best, despite its flaws
Strong Poison, Dorothy Sayers (own) — reread, started because I kept running across references to it, didn’t finish.
Silver Diamond v1, Shiho Sugira (own) — technically a reread, liked it, checked the lists of Tokyopop’s delayed/cancelled titles, bought it, then discovered v2 showed up on a new list.
Ha’penny, Jo Walton (library) — a sequel to Farthing; would probably work as a standalone, though. I don’t know if I liked it (not a very positive book), but I want to read the next one.
Komarr, Lois McMaster Bujold (own) — reread, a favorite, though the reread was mostly because it was upstairs in plain sight and Curse of Chalion was not
A Civil Campaign, Lois McMaster Bujold (own) — reread because I read Komarr
Escapement, Jay Lake (library) — a sequel of sorts to Mainspring; would probably work on its own; liked it, mostly; three leads and the one I would have liked some resolution for was the one who had none (I assume there will be a sequel).


as background noise, the first disc of whichever of Gackt’s something no Tsuki tours had them in black at the beginning (and all of the people that think that the Mars tour’s Vanilla (with tired, going-through-the-motions Gackt) was the best fanservice ever should watch this Speed Master)
inexplicably, two unsubtitled episodes of Shiritsu Tantei Hama Mike. I hope the people who were discussing subtitles do eventually release subbed versions; I’d like to know what was going on, though I got more out of them than I expected.
Aurora Madturn, Losalios (own) — I don’t have the words to describe this, unfortunately. I really enjoyed it and might try anyway.
Agatha Christie’s Marple: Nemesis (Series 3, Disc 2) — Agatha Christie in name only; an OK mystery (though somewhat contrived), but not one that she wrote.
Mushi-shi, v3 (netflix) — meh. will probably continue, though.
xxxHOLiC, v4 (own) — I adore this series, though I like the manga better.
The Legend of the Shadowless Sword (netflix) — a Korean martial arts historical epic; sometimes called Shadowless Sword; I liked this well enough.


Silver Diamond v1, Shiho Sugira (new)
Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle v18, CLAMP (new)

Dead Beat, Jim Butcher (used) — #7 of the Dresden Files; surprisingly, I remembered which one I was missing and didn’t end up with a duplicate.
The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss (used) — because of the hype and and because it was there

Aurora Madturn, Losalios (new)

Agatha Christie’s Marple: Nemesis (netflix) — Series 3, Disc 2
Mushi-shi, v3 (netflix)
The Legend of the Shadowless Sword (netflix)

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