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Mercedes Lackey: Foundation

This is the first Valdemar book she’s written in a while; it’s the start of a new series (The Collegium Chronicles) set a few generations after Magic’s Price (there is a Bard who learned a song from his mentor who … Continue reading

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Hotei and the Wanderers Funky Punky Tour 2007-2008

The DVD is from the January 27, 2008 concert at Kawaguchi Lillia. I preordered this and watched it in early May and at least once since (was watching random songs, and eventually sat down and watched the whole thing). It’s … Continue reading

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recently watched

where recently = late spring and onwards; I have far too many half-finished drafts that have been sitting long enough that I couldn’t finish them properly without rewatching but hate to delete the parts I wrote. These are mostly the … Continue reading

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September 2008 log

Fail, again; I was doing well, but then lost track of things halfway through the month, so it’s probably not complete. Despite abandoning this in September, it was my best month ever, hit-wise, though I think a lot of that … Continue reading

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