September 2008 log

Fail, again; I was doing well, but then lost track of things halfway through the month, so it’s probably not complete. Despite abandoning this in September, it was my best month ever, hit-wise, though I think a lot of that was from image searches for xxxHOLiC; I had a best day ever that lasted a few weeks (a new best day ever was in October; half the hits were on the various xxxHOLiC pages, more than half on the images themselves). I think I’m going to take my drafts and make a couple of big posts out of them (thoughts only instead of descriptions and details and such) to get them out of the way (20 drafts at this point) and try again to start with just thoughts and not attempts at serious reviews (hopefully smaller posts, more often).


The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls, Lois McMaster Bujold (own) — reread, they fit my mood
Angel Diary v1-6, Kara and Lee YunHee (own) — reread 1-5 prior to reading v6 (v5: Dec. 2006; v6: Jul. 2008). Somehow, I managed to avoid part of the big spoiler for v6 (read a review, wasn’t expecting any major revelations, saw what but somehow managed to avoid who). I want v7 NOW; hopefully it will actually be released in October like the publisher claims.
The Hallowed Hunt, Lois McMaster Bujold (own) — reread because I read the other two and didn’t reread it the last time I read them
Ink and Steel, Elizabeth Bear (library) — started, didn’t finish (got distracted); will probably get the first at some point and try it; I have yet to finish a book of hers (A Companion to Wolves doesn’t count)
Cockatiels at Seven, Donna Andrews (library) — #9 in her Meg Langslow mysteries, and the title is barely related; it sounded like children might be in Meg’s future, and that will probably be the end for me
Genju no Seiza v7, Matsuri Akino (own) — hopefully v8 will be released at some point
several old regency romances acquired in bulk a while back; started several, but only finished a couple (and may document the book-meets-wall point in them at some point)


The Last Scene, Zigzo — rewatched, intended for it to be background while I did other things, but watched most of it; blond Sakura is just wrong
Hotei and the Wanderers Funky Punky Tour 2007-2008 (own) — rewatched again; maybe someday I’ll write it up (it’s been half-written in my drafts since May)
Monster Drive Party, Tomoyasu Hotei (own)
The Avengers ’66 v2 (netflix)
xxxHOLiC v5 (own)


Genju no Seiza v7, Matsuri Akino (new)
A Companion to Wolves, Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear (new) — planned on buying it eventually; bought it now because Walmart had it (and I remembered why I stopped going to my neighborhood Walmart; they took out the self-checkouts and only had four cashiers at lunchtime in an area with a lot of people trying to shop on their lunchbreak; unfortunately, they’re the only one with any sort of sf/f book section; the next nearest Walmarts are slightly better checkout-wise, but have lousy book sections)

The Dragons of Babel, Michael Swanwick (library) — set in the world of The Iron Dragon’s Daughter, which I own and liked
Ink and Steel, Elizabeth Bear (library) — one of the Promethean Age novels; as near as I can tell, so far there are two duologies in the same world and this is the first volume of the second (the library only has this and the second of the first, and I have so far not succeeded in finishing any of her books; haven’t seen any used but the other one the library has, am reluctant to buy new because I haven’t finished any, and Borders (weekly coupons=most new buying) doesn’t stock her anyway)
Cockatiels at Seven, Donna Andrews (library) — #9 in the series

「すべては許されている」 TWIN TAIL (new)
「ゆうれい船長がハナシてくれたこと」 LOSALIOS (new) — and HMV was 1200 yen for EMS shipping for 2 CDs (shipped Friday, received Tuesday; cdjapan for two CDs, EMS is 1850 yen, and plain airmail at 1200 (about a week to here; last time was six days)); I think I’ll be using them more in the future, unless I want the first press or there’s an overseas version. I don’t know if I’d use them for anything other than CDs/DVDs, though; they do ship on weight, and I’ve seen many complaints about weight at shipping being substantially higher than the estimated weight at ordering.

xxxHOLiC, DVD 5 (new) — hopefully I’ll watch it more promptly than I did 4

Monster Drive Party, Tomoyasu Hotei (ebay) — from 2005

Bullet Ballet (netflix) — and returned it without watching it; realized there was probably something that was going to bother me in it. I am a bad person, though (and I think that’s the only time I’ve done that in the five years I’ve had a subscription).
The Forbidden Kingdom (netflix)

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