November 2008 log

It’s not much of one because I failed to keep up with anything and spent way too much time playing Disgaea instead of reading or watching much of anything. I was restless at the beginning of the month and read a chapter or two of several books, and ended up rereading most of Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks, which I will hopefully finish, but I’m not enjoying it as much on a reread as I did when I first read it. I have Elizabeth Bear’s Blood and Iron out from the library, and ended up renewing it because I got stuck in War for the Oaks and haven’t even opened it yet. I think the only things I bought were v7 of Angel Diary (still unread) and Dir en grey’s Uroboros (mostly because it was there). I still have eighteen drafts, dating back a year. Despite not updating, my hits continue to improve; November was my best month so far, and I had a best week ever and three hits less than my best day ever. If I would update regularly, I might actually get a reasonable number of hits. I ought to figure out why I’m suddenly not getting many hits for a particular search term, though I have no idea where they were coming from in the first place.

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