January 2010 log

Maybe next month I’ll be better at writing things up as I read them. There are 14 manga volumes (13 reread, 1 new); 15 books finished + 4 started (one will finish, two might finish or return to later, one won’t finish); 5 new, 5 might as well have been new.

  • Liz Williams – Shadow Pavilion — own, reread (along with some of the other Inspector Chen novels; I got this for Christmas, read it, and then reread all of them and this one again). I liked it, though not as much as the others; I kind of expected the two main plots to meet in the end, and they remained separate for the whole book; also, I didn’t care much about one of the plots.
  • Mercedes Lackey – Fortune’s Fool — library, reread. This book has NO conflict or suspense or anything of that nature AT ALL; that was the only thing I remembered about it.
  • Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon – Knight of Ghosts and Shadows and part of Summoned to Tourney (technically, the Bedlam’s Bard omnibus, but I first read them as separate books) — own, reread; last time I tried to reread these, I stalled out somewhere in Summoned to Tourney; someday, I’ll finish it or skip it and get to the Rosemary Edghill co-written part of the series.
  • CLAMP – xxxHOLiC v1-14 — own 1-12/library 13-14, reread 1-13; someday, I will buy these
  • Lynn Flewelling – Luck in the Shadows, Stalking Darkness — own, reread
  • Dashiel Hammett – Red Harvest, The Dain Curse, The Maltese Falcon, The Thin Man, and part of The Glass Key — library, wanted to read The Thin Man, but all they had were a couple of complete novel collections
  • A. Lee Martinez – The Automatic Detective — library, started but decided I wasn’t in the mood for it; I might finish it before it’s due, I might try it again later. I do like the other books of his I’ve read
  • Patricia Wrede – Thirteenth Child — library (Frontier Magic, Book One). alternate universe, set in the age of railroads on the frontier; magic is commonplace; the main character is the thirteenth child of the title; her twin brother is the seventh son of a seventh son and extra powerful and lucky, while people consider her to be cursed (including her extended family); the book covers her childhood up through her late teens; I absolutely loved this and can’t wait for the next one.
  • Patricia Wrede – Shadows Over Lyra (library, omnibus containing Shadow Magic, Daughter of Witches, and the Harp of Imach Thyssel); Caught in Crystal and The Raven Ring (own); I think all of the Lyra books. I know I read some of these at some point, but don’t really remember them. I’m pretty sure I bought The Raven Ring new (1994 or so), but am not sure I ever read it and am fairly sure I hadn’t read any of them since.
  • Tanya HuffThe Fire’s Stone (started) — own, reread
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