February 2010 log

15 completed, 3 unfinished, 6 new (+2 of the unread), 9 rereads. Someday, I’ll start posting as I read; there were several of these I wanted to post about, but waited too long.

  • Tanya Huff – The Fire’s Stone — own, reread, started in January and finished
  • A. Lee Martinez – The Automatic Detective — library, started in January, decided not to finish.
  • Tanya Huff – Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light — own, reread
  • Erle Stanley Gardner – Top of the Heap — library
  • Ben Elton – Chart Throb — own, read half and will not finish it; decided I disliked all the characters and there was nothing else to it; maybe if I watched that kind of show, I would have been more interested (I enjoyed Dead Famous, despite never watching the Big Brother-type shows, but it had a murder mystery on the show)
  • Tanya Huff – Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Ashes — own, reread
  • James Lileks – Interior Desecrations — own, reread
  • Jay Lake – Green — library. I have no idea what I think about this book. I did finish it (read a good chunk of the last half or so in one sitting), but… It did contain one of my least favorite plot elements ever at the end.
  • Doris Egan – The Complete Ivory — own, reread, unfinished (read book 1 + half of book 2); Theodora was getting on my nerves, and she’s the narrator
  • Tanya Huff – Summon the Keeper — own, reread
  • Matt Ruff – Sewer, Gas, & Electric — own, reread
  • Max Barry – Company — library
  • Simon R. Green – Swords of Haven: The Adventures of Hawk & Fisher — library, omnibus containing Hawk & Fisher, Winner Take All, and The God Killer (counting as 3)
  • William Browning Spencer – Resume with Monsters — own, reread; I know I read this when I bought it, but did not remember it at all
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