March 2010 log

Read or tried to read in March:

Lois McMaster Bujold – Paladin of Souls (own, reread) — a comfort read, wanted fluffy fantasy between Resume with Monsters and Spook Country
William Gibson – Spook Country (library, didn’t read) — looked at it, thought I’d read the first part too many times, realized later that I think I finished it the last time I checked it out.
George MacDonald – Lilith (own, started, finished in April) — I’ve owned this for years, but never read it
Patricia C. Wrede – Snow White and Rose Red (library, reread)
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o – Wizard of the Crow (library, started) — didn’t finish, will probably try again another time
Max Barry – Jennifer Government (library, started) — not in the mood, will try again some other time
Jasper Fforde – Shades of Grey (library)
Diana Wynne Jones – Year of the Griffin (own, reread)
Lisa Goldstein – A Mask for the General – (own, started) — didn’t care enough to finish; the lead was vaguely annoying
Diana Wynne Jones – Howl’s Moving Castle (own, reread)
Jasper Fforde – The Eyre Affair (library, reread) — used to own

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