May 2010 log

Am rereading a bunch of things I used to own but got rid of when I moved (had too many books to move and not enough space to move them into); I hadn’t read most of them in years and have no idea why I suddenly have the urge to read them now. I read exactly one new-to-me book this month, which is a new low, I think.

Patricia C. Wrede – Searching for Dragons (library, reread, used to own)
Maria V. Snyder – Magic Study (library) — and I don’t know if I care enough to track down the third one
Elizabeth Bear – All the Windwracked Stars (library, reread)
Jack Vance – Madouc (own, reread) — and the first two Lyonesse books got lost when I moved
Jim Butcher – Fool Moon (library, reread, used to own); sadly, the library doesn’t have the first one (recently lost; someone checked out the first three but only returned 2 and 3); I read the first few of these a while back, but got burned out on them. I’d like to read them, so maybe if I just get one every or every other library visit, I’ll get through them.
Jasper Fforde – The Well of Lost Plots (library, reread, used to own)
China Miéville – Un Lun Dun (own, reread)
Georgette Heyer – Black Sheep (own, reread)
Donna Andrews – Murder with Peacocks (own, reread) — and the only one of those I kept
Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer – Sorcery and Cecelia, The Grand Tour (borrowed, reread, used to own and regret getting rid of them before I moved), The Mislaid Magician (own, reread because I read the others)
Georgette Heyer – Lady of Quality (library, reread, used to own, lost when I moved)
Isaac Adamson – Tokyo Suckerpunch (own, reread)
Georgette Heyer – Venetia (own, reread)
Patricia C. Wrede – Calling on Dragons (library, reread, used to own)

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