July 2010 log

I sense a theme in my reading this month:

Haruki Murakami – A Wild Sheep Chase (library)
Lois McMaster Bujold – A Civil Campaign, Komarr (own, reread in that order)
Jack Vance – The Dying Earth, The Eyes of the Overworld (own) — or half of the Tales of the Dying Earth omnibus; I have no desire to read Cugel’s Saga and am not sure how I finished The Eyes of the Overworld without throwing the book at the wall
Lois McMaster Bujold – Shards of Honor (reread)
Diana Wynne Jones – Deep Secret (own, reread)
George Mann – The Affinity Bridge (library, reread)
Jasper Fforde – Something Rotten (library, reread)
Charles de Lint – The Mystery of Grace (library)
Charles de Lint – Moonheart (own, reread)
Denise Osborne – A Deadly Arrangement (library)
Charles de Lint – Seven Wild Sisters (library)
Charles de Lint – Medicine Road (library)
Charles de Lint – Spiritwalk (own, reread)
Charles de Lint – Spirits in the Wires (own)
Denise Osborne – Designed to Kill (library)
Charles de Lint – Widdershins (library)
Gene Wolfe – The Sorcerer’s House (library)
Charles de Lint – The Blue Girl (library)
Charles de Lint – Dingo (own)

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