November 2010 log

Someday, I’ll go back to writing about what I read

Elizabeth Peters – The Curse of the Pharaohs (library)
Leslie Caine – Fatal Feng Shui (library)
William Gibson – Zero History (library)
P. C. Hodgell – Dark of the Gods (library) — omnibus of God Stalk and Dark of the Moon
Leslie Caine – Poisoned by Gilt (library)
Barbara Hambly – Sun-Cross (library) — omnibus of The Rainbow Abyss (re-read) and The Magicians of Night (never read)
Gail Carriger – Soulless (library)
Mercedes Lackey – Foundation (library, reread)
Mercedes Lackey – Intrigues (library)
Gail Carriger – Changeless (library)
Simon R. Green – The Unnatural Inquirer (library)
Ilona Andrews – Magic Burns (own, only because the library discarded it at checkout due to water damage)
Lois McMaster Bujold – Cryoburn
Madelyn Alt – The Trouble with Magic (library)

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