January 2011 log

Sarah Monette – The Virtu (own, reread)
Brian Frances Slattery – Liberation (own, did not finish) — I wanted to like this (loved Spaceman Blues), didn’t dislike it but didn’t really care what happened and had other things to read; might finish someday
Connie Willis – All Clear (library)
Cynthia Baker – Dead Canaries Don’t Sing (library, did not finish) — could not read past the lead crashing a funeral of someone she didn’t know (though she found the body) to investigate
Cherie Priest – Dreadnought (library)
Stephen Hunt – The Kingdom Beyond the Waves (library)
China Mieville – The City & The City (library)
Sarah Monette – The Mirador (own, reread)
Deborah Donnelly – Bride and Doom (library)
Rick Riordan – The Lost Hero (library)
Stephen Deas – The Adamantine Palace (library)

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