May 2011 log

Read in May:

Julie Kenner – The Manolo Matrix (library)
Laura Childs – Keepsake Crimes (library)
Julie Kenner – Torn (library)
Julie Kenner – Turned (library)
Cherie Priest – Bloodshot (library)
Jasper Fforde – One of Our Thursdays is Missing (library)
M.K. Hobson – The Native Star
Cindy Spencer Pape – Steam & Sorcery
Cindy Spencer Pape – Photographs & Phantoms
Barbara Hambly – TheTime of the Dark (own, reread)
Felix Gilman – The Half-Made World
Laura Childs – Shades of Earl Grey (library)
Cross Stitch Alphabets (library, isbn 07153 1287 1)
Brenda Keyes – Traditional Samplers (library)
Jane Greenoff – Treasures in Cross-Stitch (library)

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