Two needlework books

Barbara Hammet – The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch

This book had an introduction with information about William Morris and his works. A number of his works were used as inspiration for the items in the book. Each work inspired a group of items, or a group of works were used to inspire a group of coordinating items. Each group of items had a description of the inspiration, a photograph, full color charts (no symbols), and ideas for variations on the theme. This was a lovely book, and I may try to get a copy of it someday.

Shelley Faye Lazar – Shelley Faye Lazar’s Oriental Collection

This book was inspired by Shelley Faye Lazar’s travels through Asia. There was an introduction about her travels and how they inspired her. Each item had a description of the inspiration, a photograph of the completed piece, and a chart. Items were mostly needlepoint and other stitches. It was an older book, and the charts were hand-drawn. Anything repetitive had only a small section of the chart drawn; some items had line drawings only and the instructions to blow it up and draw it on the canvas. I liked some of the items but would have wanted to change the colors a little; changing colors is not really an option for me because I have no eye for color.

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