October 2011 log

Once again, I’m failing to write about what I read. In addition to the books below, I read the first 150 or so pages of Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE (not the book for me) and the first half of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 (still reading, will hopefully finish before it’s due back at the library).

Ngaio Marsh – Death in a White Tie (library)
Ngaio Marsh – Grave Mistake (library)
Ngaio Marsh – Last Ditch (library)
George Mann – The Immorality Engine
Mercedes Lackey – Intrigues (library, reread)
Mercedes Lackey – Changes (library)
K.E. Mills – Wizard Squared (library)
Steven Gould – 7th Sigma (library)
Cherie Priest – Hellbent (library)
Better Homes and Gardens – A Cross-Stitch Christmas: The Season For Stitching (library, ISBN 0-696-20887-3)
Beth Russell – Beth Russell’s William Morris Needlepoint (library)
Eva Brent – Oriental Designs in Needlepoint (library)
Ngaio Marsh – Death at the Bar (library)
Terry Pratchett – Truckers (library)
Simon R. Green – Something from the Nightside (library)
Carrie Vaughn – After the Golden Age (library)

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