November 2011 log

Read in November:

Haruki Murakami – 1Q84 (library) — I feel like I should write something about this after reading the whole thing, but I don’t have anything to day about it; I’m not sure I liked it (I didn’t dislike it)
Ngaio Marsh – Overture to Death (library)
Ngaio Marsh – Final Curtain (library) — not this month, but I’m 99% sure I’ve read it already
Darynda Jones – First Grave on the Right (library)
Caroline Stevermer – A Scholar of Magics (own, reread) — I love this book
Darynda Jones – Second Grave on the Left (library) — and I don’t think I’ll be reading any more of these; I don’t care about Reyes and he’s clearly the focus of these books
Umberto Eco – The Prague Cemetery (library) — did not finish, didn’t like the lead and didn’t want to read any more about him
Terry Pratchett – Snuff (library) — another did not finish; I don’t care about Vimes in the country, but will try it again
Mercedes Lackey – Beauty and the Werewolf (library) — enjoyable fluff

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