I am a boring person who wanted to start a booklog; I may include movies/tv/music as well as books. At this point, it will probably be more of my thoughts on whatever than actual critical reviews; I’m not a particularly critical reader/watcher/listener (and am not sure I really want to be; I read for entertainment/escapism, mostly and tend to avoid the Serious).

I tend to read fantasy/science fiction/manga (mostly fantasy-ish), and occasionally mysteries/romance/general fiction. I watch too much anime (though not as much as I used to) and prefer action movies (especially martial arts) and comedies to drama. Musically, I don’t pay much attention to genres; most of what I like can be described as rock (the harder, the better, and far too much in Japanese), electronica/techno/dance, and occasionally funk/disco. Watching too much anime did have an effect on my listening habits.

I’ve also been thinking of setting up fansites for a couple of random Japanese musicians, and am going to dump some information here for the moment so that I can find it again.

I tend to be either extremely concise or extremely wordy (with far too many parentheses and semicolons) when writing; hopefully trying to write regularly will help me find a middle ground.