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Hotei and the Wanderers Funky Punky Tour 2007-2008

The DVD is from the January 27, 2008 concert at Kawaguchi Lillia. I preordered this and watched it in early May and at least once since (was watching random songs, and eventually sat down and watched the whole thing). It’s … Continue reading

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Tomoyasu Hotei – All Time Super Best Tour

The “All Time Super Best Tour” was a celebration of Hotei’s 25 years as a musician; the track list (at the end) has songs from BOØWY and COMPLEX as well as his solo career (including two previously-recorded covers). This is … Continue reading

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ends – Live 2005 Total Tone

ends is the solo project of Ryoichi Endo of Soft Ballet, started in 1997, and continuing until the present; it sounds nothing like Soft Ballet, though. He has a magnificent voice, but is unfortunately extremely overlooked and underrated. Musically, it … Continue reading

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Toshi – “Grace” Live

To be honest, I bought this because it was extremely cheap and because it had Chachamaru on guitar. I’m not particularly a fan of Toshi; his voice annoys me (never got into X Japan because of it, though I like … Continue reading

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ha! is my new best friend! It had crossed my mind to try the Japanese search engines at some point to look for Japanese information, but I hadn’t until now. Throwing 峰 正典 into gave tons hits for Stephanie … Continue reading

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This post has been moved to my new Ju-ken blog.

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Gackt – Training Days 2006 Drug Party

I pre-ordered this, but never watched it; I had a bad case of buyer’s remorse due to problems with and the reports of lip-syncing or wholesale re-recording that came out before i received my copy. Lip-syncing wouldn’t have bothered … Continue reading

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