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China Miéville – Embassytown

Embassytown lies on a planet on the edge of explored space; the natives of the planet, the Ariekei, have useful technology for trade. The Ariekei language can only be spoken by a few altered humans, the Ambassadors. Avice Benner Cho … Continue reading

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Torchwood, series 1

Torchwood is the Doctor Who spinoff featuring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, set at some point after the first of the new Who series; the last episode of this series corresponds with the eleventh episode of the third series, … Continue reading

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Brian Francis Slattery: Spaceman Blues: a love song

I ran across a mention of this somewhere; it sounded interesting, and the library had it. I picked it up and read a couple of random bits, thought “not for me” and put it back and wandered off, but wandered … Continue reading

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Doctor Who, Season 2, Disc 4

The continuing adventures of the tenth Doctor and his companion Rose; I have enjoyed this, but I think I liked Christopher Eccleston better as the Doctor, and know I liked Rose better in the last season. I’ve seen bits and … Continue reading

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Jay Lake: Mainspring

Overall, I liked this and would recommend it, but was vaguely dissatisfied and am not sure why. I thought I first heard of it from a list of nominees for some award, but can’t find said list now. It sounded … Continue reading

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